U.S. Taxes Reward Palestinian Terrorism!


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The Palestinian Authority [PA] incites violence (especially during the current wave of stabbing attacks) while paying high salaries and benefits to convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons.


Unbelievably, the more horrific the crime, and the more Israelis or Americans murdered, the higher the “salary” and the better the “benefits.”


The U.S. has the leverage to end this appalling practice, but has not done so.


Basic Facts about the Palestinian “Terrorism Industry”


·       Much of the funds the PA uses to reward terrorists comes from your tax dollars. The PA budget is heavily dependent on foreign aid—and the U.S. is the PA’s largest single country donor.


·       From 1993-2014 Palestinian terrorists murdered 1,513 Israelis, wounded thousands more, and also murdered and maimed some 150 American civilians.


·       Terrorist salaries are on a sliding scale: the more horrific the crime, the higher the wages.


·       The most horrific mass murderers receive the highest salaries including those responsible for suicide bombings on buses, at restaurants, in public squares.


·       In Israeli prisons there are some1,000 Palestinians convicted of murdering Israelis in terror attacks.


The Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas




·       grants monthly salaries up to $4,000 to terrorists after they are released from prison,


·       incentivizes terrorists by glorifying them and their actions by holding an annual Prisoners Day and naming town squares, sports teams, schools, and summer camps after notorious terrorists.



The PA budget is heavily dependent on donor nation money, which thereby funds the terrorism industry.




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Although Congress has already passed legislation demanding more oversight to prevent American taxpayer money from funding terrorism, no major changes have been made: payments to prisoners are not mentioned in U.S. Government oversight reports.


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