Join the signers for this petition, and help stop US funding of Palestinian terrorism.
Sign the Petition against US funding of the Palestinian terrorism industry
We, the undersigned, are deeply disturbed that the Palestinian Authority (the West Bank government) uses U.S. tax dollars to pay terrorists and encourage future terrorists. According to new research, the Palestinian Authority (PA) pays salaries to convicted terrorists, using a sliding scale: the more horrific the crime, the higher the wages. Mass murderers receive the highest salaries. This monthly payment is not for prisoners’ jail needs—which Israel covers in full—but operates as a high paying job, providing an incentive to terrorism. This industry is one of the PA’s top budgetary priorities. The U.S., as the largest single country donor to the PA, funds this morally reprehensible terrorism rewards program.

The terrorism industry is a major obstacle to peace. Why would the Palestinian people support peace if they have powerful incentives to murder Israelis?

The U.S. Congress has already passed legislation demanding more oversight on how American aid to the PA is spent, but no major changes have been made. We urge Congress to condition future Palestinian aid on the immediate cessation of the Palestinian terrorism industry, demand complete transparency on use of donor funds, and demand that the Palestinian Prisoners Club and Ministry of Prisoners be shut down.