U.S. Taxes Reward
Palestinian Terrorism!


The Palestinian Authority [PA] incites violence (as during the current wave of stabbing attacks) while paying high salaries and benefits to convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons. The more horrific the crime, and the more Israelis or Americans murdered, the higher the salary and the better the benefits.


Where does the PA get the money to reward terrorists?


Much of it comes from U.S. tax dollars. The PA budget is heavily dependent on foreign aid—and the U.S. is the PA’s largest single country donor.  From 2008 to 2014 the “annual Economic Support Fund (ESF) assistance to the West Bank and Gaza Strip has averaged around $400 million” provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development.  Another $100 million per year is provided by the U.S. for nonlethal assistance for PA security forces and the criminal justice sector in the West Bank.”[1]


Facts about the Palestinian “Terrorism Industry”


Palestinian terrorists murdered or wounded thousands of
Israeli and American civilians between 1993 and 2014.



Number of convicted Palestinian terrorists—“security prisoners”-- in Israeli prisons: approximately 4,500[5]




From the time it was established in 1994, the PA set up institutions to support terrorists: From the quasi-official Prisoners Club (1994) to the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners (1998), to the Law of the Prisoners (2004).



The PA uses 5% to 6% of its total budget on payments to prisoners and to the families of suicide bombers.[8]



The Ministry of Prisoners Affairs and the Prisoners Club are given top priority in the PA budget.


In 2012, funding for the Ministry of Prisoners was ten times greater than that for the Ministry of Labor, and half that of the Ministry of Social Affairs. [11]

Terrorist salaries are on a sliding scale:
the more horrific the crime, the higher the wages.


The salaries are usually far higher than the West Bank average wage of $533/month and sometimes higher than those of any other civil servants. The average monthly salary paid to terrorists was $850 in 2012 while the average salary for civil servants was 2,882 shekels, ($783), and for Palestinian military personnel it was $734. In 2011, The PA announced the following wages and stipulated that they would be linked to the cost of living index.



Violating Israeli sovereignty, the PA incentivizes Arab Israeli citizens to commit terrorist acts by giving them an added supplement of 500 shekels ($142) per month if convicted. The PA also provides money to families of terrorists.



The PA also pays monthly salaries to terrorists after they are released from prison.



The most horrific mass murderers receive the highest salaries.


Our tax dollars are not spent on prisoner needs as the Israeli Prison system provides this, spending 23,598 shekels ($5,900) per year on each one.



The PA incentivizes terrorism with prisoner salaries.



The PA incentivizes terrorists by glorifying them and their actions.



The PA funds the terrorism industry
with donor dollars.


The PA budget is heavily dependent on donor money.



The U.S. and the EU are the major donors to the PA and help fund the PA budget.


Foreign donations are used to pay PA salaries.



Even if donor money is not directly used for the prisoners, the donations free up other PA money for that purpose.



Although Congress has already passed legislation demanding more oversight so American taxpayer money will not fund terrorism, no major changes have been made. The Prisoners Club, the Ministry of Prisoners, and payments to prisoners are not mentioned in U.S. Government oversight reports.



European governments are beginning to demand that their donor dollars not fund the PA’s terrorism coffers.


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